Fishing On The Babalou

Fishing On The Babalou

I’d like to introduce myself, and my business venture here in PV. My wife Barbara and I moved to PV full time nearly 5 years ago after visiting for the previous 12 years. Were from New York originally. Over the years, besides our annual 4 week trip in February, I would routinely come down (sans Barbara – she doesn’t share my fervor) 4 or 5 times a year to indulge my fishing mania. When we first moved down we trailered our first boat, the Azzuri, so that I could continue my passion for fishing. Two years ago, I had the brainstorm, though Babs didn’t exactly call it that, to build a boat here and open a (fishing) charter business. Combine business with pleasure! What could be better?…. It was an extremely lengthy and frustrating process-extremely frustrating!!–worthy of its own description on another day.

We now have the Babalu. She is a 29 foot Super Panga with twin 90 HP Mercury motors on an extended bracket which affords more fishing room – and she’s fast (25-30 miles per hour on a calm sea). There is an enclosed head, which the distaff side seem to appreciate. It has small tower for viewing, which is a bonus during the whale watching season. Our application for the permiso, for next season, is in the works, and is expected literally any day. We’ll also have an underwater hydrophone system to hear the whales. Regarding fishing. We use Penn (Gold) International and Senator gear. Electronics include a fishfinder, UHF radio, GPS, and stereo. We always carry a second handheld radio and GPS unit. There are 4 tuna tubes to keep the bait alive during the run to the fishing grounds. There is also a livewell for normal bait, and a fishbox for the catch. There are outriggers and a downrigger.

We practice catch and release of bill fish, unless you want to have it mounted, allowing time for photos, and use circle hooks exclusively for bill fish. We fish 6 or 8 lines. In clean/clear water we can troll a camera alongside the lure(s) and watch the hit, ojala, on a monitor. This does lessen the number of lines that we have out. We’re licensed for up to 8 passengers, though for fishing purposes, 4 is a good/maximum number. For sightseeing/snorkeling/whale watching trips, we can accommodate up to 8. We have snorkel gear and a ladder. Refreshments, ice, and bait are always included. Bring your own beer.

I’ve fished PV hundreds of times, and have heard the promises and tales from the Captains and mates when the fishing was slow/lousy. “You should have been here yesterday. Its a full moon. The fish are not hungry..The water is too dirty”. Too often any or all of the above can be true. But of course there are the days when you can’t do anything wrong..and they seem to be leaping into the boat. What we do promise you is that we’ll fish hard. Believe me, we want to catch fish as much as you do. We do not concern ourselves with getting you back to the dock at the exact hour. Any additional time spent on the water is on us.

Our pricing:

4 hours (minimum)———–$180 (US) Inside the bay.
6 hours————————- $270 As far as the Mariettas
8 hours————————–$350 Outside to El Morro and/or North of Punta
10 hours————————$425 Corbetania and/or El Banco or Sayulita (Subject to change)
12 hours————————$500 Corbetania and/or El Banco

7 comments on “Fishing On The Babalou
  1. Tim says:

    My wife and I will be in PV next week. I am a passionate fisherman and am wondering about a day of fishing in the bay. I have been to PV once a couple years ago and had a pretty good day fishing with another captain but have been unable ton reach him. Would only be myself and my wife, no desire to share the boat. Please reply asap.
    Tim Dyck

  2. Josh haverkamp says:

    Hi louis, my name is Josh Haverkamp and I will be in peurto vallarta march 5-12 with some friends. I would like to book a trip with you during that week. There would be 4 of us fishing. Could you please get back to me on availability. Thanks Josh Haverkamp

  3. Teresa Wright says:

    Hi Louis,
    We are headed to PV for a family gathering, staying at the Villa Encantadca, April 30-May 7. I would like to surprise my husband and two boys with a 4 hour fishing trip. I was thinking maybe Tuesday, May 3 or Wednesday, May 4. Please let me know availability and the cost for the 3 or them. Thank you in advance.

  4. Jesus Hernandez says:

    Just visited PV in October and had barely any luck with the Captain I chose to ride with seemed like he was more interested in fishing for himself than the people who actually there to do the fishing. I’ve read great things about you and would like to book something for my dates Feb3-Feb10 please let me know Asap. Thank you

  5. VICTOR PARADA says:

    Hi Louis,
    We are traveling to PV the week of April 16th and would like to book a 4 hr trip….with my 2 son’s.

    Can you please get back to me with availability and rate?
    Thank you, Victor

  6. Peter says:

    Hi Louis

    I will be in PV beginning Feb 17th. Would like to get out for and 8 or 10 hr day. There will be 2 of us. I would prefer Feb 20-23rd if you have an opening.



  7. Jim says:

    Louis, We went whale watching in Feb. 2015 with you and had a great time, will be in PV March 3-11 are you available for a 4 hr. trip? 2 people mmaybe 3. How are the whales this year? How is the fishing?

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