General Information


Some Mexican ATM’s will limit you to withdrawals of $500 or $700, but others will allow you to withdraw whatever your personal bank permits. Be sure to have a 4 digit PIN and inform your bank you are going to Mexico, so they don’t flag it after your first withdrawal and freeze your card. Remember to also ask your bank to raise your limit on withdrawals while you are gone if you need to. You will normally get the best exchange rate from an ATM. The ATM’s pay out in pesos. It is better to use a debit card—using a credit card can cause you to incur cash advance rates and sometimes international charges (ask your bank). In most cases the debit card has no “conversion” fee, whereas using the credit card can cost you a conversion fee of anywhere from $3 to 3% of the transaction—ask your card issuer.

Oxxo Store (southside): There is an ATM machine at the Oxxo Store just south of Villa Encantada. Go to the highway and turn left. Go south for approximately ½ mile until you see the Oxxo Store on the right. Says $300 limit—not sure if it will go higher or not.

Zona Romantica: There are two ATM locations on Olas Altas, waterside of the street, near the internet café at the corner of Basillo Badillo. They say $500 limit but will actually go to higher limits if your bank has approved you for them.

Zocalo: The Town square right next to the Malecon has a Banamex ATM on the southside.

Airport: There are ATM machines at the airport. Once you come out the final doors past the time share people, turn right and go down the hallway. ATM’s are on the left.

Average Temperatures (click on link)


Neither Villa Encantada or the members of its staff receive any commissions from any recommendations made to you. All commissions or discounts if any, are passed on to you as savings. Check with Humberto about receiving any of these discounts.

Vista Vallarta Golf Courses and Marina Vallarta Golf Course-10% off (see Golf)
Los Veranos Canopy Tour-Villa Encantada guest receive a substantial discount- ask Humberto
Pie in the Sky Bakery-15% off (see Land Activites/Shopping)
Agave Grill ( 10% off (see website or Humberto)
Barcelona Tapas ( discount coupons for 100 pesos off with 600 peso minimum purchase (see website or Humberto)
Fishing with Caroina-$50 off each trip (see Water Activities/Fishing)

Emergency Information:

Contact: Dial 060 in emergency situations
Ambulance: 222-1533
Police: 290-0502
Red Cross: 222-1533
Private Medical Clinics with emergency service (this side of town-south) CMQ hospital 223-1919, Medasist Hospital 223-0444 or 223-0656.
Private Medical Clinics with emergency service (near Marina-north side) Amerimed Hospital at Plaza Meptune 221-0023, 221-0024, San Javier Marina Hospital 223-1919.
Dental Care: Dr. Michel, 224 4761. Speaks English well.

Other: Once you’re on Mexican soil, you’re no longer protected by the laws of your native land. If you get into a scrape with the law, you can call the Citizens’ Emergency Center (PHONE: 1-888-407-4747 or from overseas: 202-501-4444) in the United States. You can also call the 24-hour English-language hot line of the Procuraduría de Protección al Turista (Attorney General for the Protection of Tourists; PHONE: 55/5625-8153; 800/482-9832 from the U.S.) in Mexico City; it can provide immediate assistance as well as general, non-emergency guidance

American Consulate: Located in Paradise Plaza at the Paradise Village Resort, Nuevo Vallarta, 222-0069 or 223-0074. Open Mon. to Fri. 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. After hours: 01-333-268-2145

Religious Services in English:

Catholic Mass: Paradise Village Golf and Spa Resort, Nuevo, Shopping Mall ,Paradise Plaza, 10:00 am service Sunday.
Christian Service: Paradise Village Golf and Spa Resort, Nuevo, Nayarit, Salon Del Sol, 10:30 am service Sunday
First Baptist Christian Church: 181 Argentina, El Centro, 9:45 am service Sunday

Religious Services in Spanish:

Catholic: Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Hidalgo #370, downtown Puerto Vallarta, 222-1326
Baptist: Primera Iglesia Bautista, Argentina #181 at Parque Hidalgo, 222-1722
Evangelical: Apostolic Church-Faith in Christ, Costa Rica #1422, 224-9682, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Libramiento #244
Non Denominational: Christian Interdenominacional Church, Lateral Libramiento #322, 222-4019, Light of the World, Col. Hermosa Provincia, 224-8273, New Dawn Center, Ave. Las Palmas, 222-3330
Protestant: Seventh Day Adventist Church, Roma #188, 224-8422, Iglesia Eben-Ezer, Juan Escutia #301, 224-2630
Parroquia de San Miguel-Arcangel, Corner of Independencia and Zapata, 224-2053
Mormon: Church of Latter Day Saints, Emiliano Zapata #420, Col. Valentin Gomez Farias


Taxi Info: The number for the local taxi stand is 221-5368. They take about 5 minutes to get to the Villa. Tell them you need a taxi at Villa Encantada, 133 Sierra de Los Pinos. If they don’t know where this is, tell them “mismo calle de “Orizone” y “La Ceema Tres”. This means the same street as Horizone and La Cime Three. These are larger condo complexes that all taxi drivers know! Fare downtown is about 40 pesos ($4). Fare from the Airport to Villa was $23 on April, 2008.

Buses: Buses will take you from one end of town to the other, or anywhere in between for only 5.5 pesos (55 cents). If you are downtown around the plaza or on the Malecon take the bus “Olas Altas”-this will take you to the southside of town across the Rio Cuale, to Los Muertos Beach. To head north towards the airport and Hotel Zone, take buses marked “Hoteles” or “Aeropuerto”. Travel to and within Marina Vallarta is also possible, just look for Marina buses. Push the button marked “Timbre” to signal the driver to stop, or just walk up to the front of the bus.

Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, or Nayarit Bus: Take the bus in Wal-Mart that says ATM. They go as far as Punta de Mita which is the end of Nayarit and is a good surfing location.

Sayulita Bus: Take the downtown bus to Walmart, then catch the bus to Sayulita from there. Just stand at the stop closest to the VIP restaurant and take the bus marked Sayulita.

Car and Driver: Mario Padilla,, can tour you around PV. Taxi service for 4 people for 5 hours is $20 an hour. A larger vehicle for 8 people for 4 hours is $130. He comes well recommended, and speaks English well. 044 322 132 2452

Villa Rental Car: See FAQ for information on the Town and Country extended minivan available for rental at Villa Encantada.